Conducting a job search – Selection and Transition Phases

This post is final part of the series of posts I am doing on ‘Job Search – Strategies that work better‘. Last post concluded my comments on strategies to apply in order to get lots of job offers from the companies you want. In this post, I want to focus on Selection and Transition phases of the COAST framework that I presented earlier. Note that this post is written in a more prescriptive manner than others, because this topic is more vague than others in Job Search category and hence my hope is I can offer some specific suggestions and opinions.

There are 2 reasons I want to focus on these:

  1. These are not considered part of a typical job search and hence don’t get enough attention from job hunters or from those who help job hunters.
  2. Decisions made in these phases determine when you have to start your next job search, and wrong decisions bring you to job market much earlier than you want.

Here is the description of these 2 phases: Continue reading