Job Search – Strategies that work better

How do you change a job? Here is the case in front of me (and this is typical of so many examples I have seen):

  1. He wants to get into a new job that gives good role, company has good culture, it leverages all the strengths the person has.
  2. His modus operandi is something like this:
    1. Update the resume
    2. Post in couple of job portals
    3. Get in touch with some of the past contacts (previous bosses and peers primarily), and solicit their help in changing the job
    4. Wait for interview calls and attend them as they come
  3. When you ask ‘why you want to change the job’, there are no clear answers and he doesn’t display any sense of urgency.

I have now seen enough job hunters who engage in such an important career-impacting activity with such a passivity and unclear reasons. Most of the times, their only strategy to job search is ‘hope’. This bothers me a lot because careers take extremely important detours when jobs are changed. The person must be very clear about the objectives of the change, as well as stay active and engaged in the process to ensure that they stay in the driver’s seat and make it a career-enhancing move. Being successful in a new company is hard and takes time, so one should try to achieve career growth while being in the company (having done multiple role and geographical moves in both big and small companies in my career, I can assure you that this is one of the best ways of growing career). If job change does seem warranted, Continue reading