Job Change Strategies

I want to change jobs, but I am unable to get right offers

Changing jobs is one of the few times when we spend quality time thinking about our career. Unfortunately, most of this time is spent in tactically looking for a job, rather than strategizing about career and job. This results in a sub-optimal job search, and you end up with no or very small number of offers, and none of them seem right for you.

Strategic Job Search

The solution is to search for the job in the right way. There are many ways, one of the ways we have seen work well in our experience relies on COAST framework. It consists of following steps:

  • Conception: Identify the need for a change and making sure right goals exist for making change. Clarity of these career goals are essential to be successful at getting right job offers.
  • Organization: This phase is about doing research about roles, companies, hiring managers, domain, etc. so that you know the right roles and companies to target. This is also about preparing yourself, including your resumes, interviewing skills, your online presence (LinkedIn for example), etc.
  • Application: Application phase is all about how to do your best in interviewing, how you learn from failures to do better at next set of interviews, and do all you can to get an offer from the companies you want.
  • Selection: This phase is about picking the right offer so that you don’t have to come back in the job market soon.
  • Transition: This phase is about doing the transition successfully, so that you can quickly establish yourself on a career growth trajectory which was the goal of this job change.

There are many other strategies to go about doing a job search, important thing is to pick something and stick to it.