My manager left, and the new manager doesn’t like me! What now?

Be careful in jumping to conclusions early enough, otherwise you will jeopardize your career. When you get a new manager, it is important to be willing to make some adjustments. Your relationship with your manager impacts career the most. This relationship will be built only when you and your manager know enough about each other and act on them. Since it is your career that is at stake, it is important that you make sure that your manager knows you well, in addition to you knowing her well.

Make sure you know these things about your manager:

  • Her career goals and motivations
  • Her leadership style
  • Her personality traits.

Also make sure your manager knows these things about you:

  • Your preferred working style
  • Your past manager’s style
  • Your career goals and motivations

Once these knowledge sharing sessions are done, you can proceed to observe your manager and yourself in action to make sure both are behaving in a manner discussed in the sessions to know each other. Talk more if you have to.