How engaged are you at workplace?

Consider these data points:

  • According to a survey, talent acquisition and employee engagement are top 2 challenges for the HR managers.
  • A recent Tower Watson Study suggested that “Only just over 35% of global workforce is highly engaged.
  • According to Assocham, “Attrition rate has fallen sharply in IT, ITeS and the BPO sector to the level of about 15-20 per cent during the last six months of this year as against about 55-60 per cent in the year-ago period”
  • According to a survey by, “India Inc has witnessed attrition rates of as high as 21 per cent during the three months ending September on account of improving job scenario”.

While you may doubt some of these numbers because of the suspect quality of respondents and sample size, I think these do paint a singular picture: employees are not engaged at their workplace. Whether they leave the company or not depends on external job market, but from company’s perspective, these employees have partially checked out and their productivity has gone down.

Consider the benefits to the organization if they could improve the engagement numbers – it would improve productivity and reduce their attrition numbers, which in turn means they have to worry less about hiring.

I have seen many employee engagement/satisfaction survey results, and time and again, employees make 2 clear points:

  • I don’t have career development opportunities
  • Company/manager is not invested in my career

My recommendation:

  • Invest in making managers a better coach/mentor
  • Help employees be proactive about their career and seek opportunities on their own within the organization.

If this is done well, here is how it plays out :

  1. Employees are clear about their career goals and career development needs
  2. They discuss with their managers proactively and frequently to seek out opportunities that align with their goals and development needs
  3. Company facilitates this by encouraging employee movements across groups – short-term assignments as well as transfers. Company also support on-job training for employees who want to venture in an area they don’t have skill but have high interest (engineer moving into marketing for example) and help them succeed
  4. There is high engagement all around, attrition is low, hiring needs are largely filled by internal candidates, and company gets crucial multi-skilled employees

What is your engagement level? What keeps you engaged at your workplace? We are very interested in hearing your point of view on this and would love to publish your views here.

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