Creating Resumes that work

An effective resume presents you in an impactful way and compels the reader to invite you to an interview. It also acts as a marketing brochure for the product YOU and presents the value you offer to a prospective ‘buyer’ (employer). Therefore, it is very important to construct this document carefully and provide right information that conveys your value in the best possible manner. Quality and presentation of a resume impacts the # of interview calls you will get when you are looking for a job. It also impacts how the interviewer will perceive you – a well-written resume creates a positive bias in interviewer’s mind towards you and helps you a lot. Hence it is important to pay utmost attention to your resume and create it with good principles in mind. There are 3 things that need to be focused on:

  1. Context of the reader: There are different types of readers who read a resume and each has a unique goal and characteristic that must be factored in when creating a resume
  2. Principles of good resume writing: There are some key principles to create a good resume and they must be adhered to
  3. Creating a domain-independent resume: This is useful all the time, but becomes critical when you wish to change your domain (say banking to real estate, or semiconductor to internet).

We have posted a document Creating Purposeful Resumes that presents this in more detail and will help you create resumes that work. You can also send your resume to us if you want to get resume review.

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