About this blog

Welcome to my Career Management blog. I write about career management problems and their solutions within an organization, as well as outside it, from the perspective of a manager and an employee. My goal is two fold:

  1. Share my thoughts on these topics with like-minded readers and have discussions which will be mutually beneficial
  2. Help identify gaps in this segment which deals with career aspirations of individuals, so that interested entrepreneurs and consultants can help bridge them with their offerings and solutions.

Being an Indian, and having worked in India for most part of my career, I am naturally interested in seeing these applied to India and the problems of Indian organizations (or global organizations who have India presence). However, since I have always been part of global, multi-site organizations in US, India and China, I also know that these problems and solutions are largely universal, and hence I expect to engage global audience in these discussions.  Please post your comments on my articles and I will be happy to have a conversation on the topic. You can also reach me at futuresense.wp@gmail.com.

PS: This blog started off as an attempt to capture my thoughts, views, and readings on defining a new industry(more pertinent for India) which focuses on Career management and talent optimization for Individuals. You can read more about that vision in my first post here.

4 thoughts on “About this blog

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