About Us


CareerBloom helps working professionals realize their talent potential and successfully transition from ‘what they are’ to ‘what they can be’. Our experience with working professionals in various companies (from startup to one of the largest companies of the world) and in various geographies (India, US, China) made us believe strongly that every individual has immense talent and potential within them which are rarely used fully. We want to make every working professional achieve their full talent potential, because that is the best way to achieve career success. We also believe that happiness is a key predictor of career success, as well its most important outcome. Hence our approach to career coaching is holistic and considers life and career together.


CareerBloom was launched in May 2012 with a vision to help working professionals realize their talent potential and move from ‘what they are’ to ‘what they can be’. We strongly believe that every individual has immense talent and potential within them, but they are not fully actualized. We offer career coaching services that allow you to do justice to your talent potential. We help you discover your self and your goals, create career plans to achieve those goals, and execute most effectively towards these plans. We focus on these core principles while offering our services:

  1. Alignment of personal goals and organization goals is essential for career success.
  2. Career happiness comes when our career goals are aligned with our passion areas.
  3. Being effective at workplace is critical for fast career growth.
  4. You should plan your career, and be open to unplanned opportunities.
  5. Career success comes from continuous learning – your self, your industry, your network
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Mrityunjay Kumar

Director and Chief Career Coach

Mrityunjay is a passionate career coach of working professionals. Software engineer by training, he has diverse experience of over 16 years in engineering (development, test, program management), marketing (product management) and senior management roles in multiple product companies. He has worked for Microsoft Corporation (US and China), SumTotal Systems (India and US), and many startups in US and India in the field of high-speed networking, telecommunications, e-learning and e-commerce. He has managed and mentored a large number of professionals across India, US and China, and is a practicing career coach.
Mrityunjay is an IIT Delhi graduate (MS in Mathematics and Computing) and a University of Washington Foster School of Business graduate (Strategy and Leadership Executive Development Program).
He is also involved with Sunstone Business School as a course director and Industry Consultant.