About Me

My name is Mrityunjay and I am a software engineer by training, a manager in an IT company by profession, and like to think of myself as a visionary and entrepreneur by heart :-).

I always get ideas on how things should be, how they can be improved, and how things can be created. I guess that is why I have roamed around in my professional career to play various roles in development, testing and program management, and in various locations (India, US and China).

I recently moved back to US after spending 2 fruitful and exciting years in Microsoft China in program management role. My stint in China allowed me to appreciate the diversity of workforce across the world and also helped me understand how management principles stay the same, and still different in different parts of the world. Before joining Microsoft, I worked in SumTotal Systems in US, a global company and leading provider of talent management software solutions. I worked with SumTotal for 5.5 years in various manager and director level positions, which has allowed me to develop a good understanding of the industry as well as organizational issues in a company as it grows and become global and big. Being one of the few ‘F’ (MBTI type) in the rank of engineering managers, I love to work with people and teams, and my experience in creating and building local and global teams has affordable me some useful insights about organizational and team culture.

I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology more than 15 years ago with a dual degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and since then have worked in some of the largest and smallest companies of the world, in India and US.

All the thoughts expressed here are my personal opinions and thoughts and do not reflect those of my employer.

You can reach me at futuresense.wp@gmail.com.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I really enjoy your post. I share some similarities with your background although I do not have as much experience as you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on career management.

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