Agile Career Management

Next session is on July 5, 2-3 pm. Please register for the event.
Agile Career Management is the right balance between structured planning of one’s career and opportunistically experimenting with one’s career in order to drive career forward with agility and speed. Given so many ways careers can grow, it is important to balance a structured planning approach with an agile management approach, and this webinar will teach you how to do this. This is important to learn, because this allows you to grab the career growth opportunities as they come your way, and also avoids unnecessary randomization to career caused by organizational changes.

Structured Planning approach to career management involves the following:

  1. (long-term) Self and Goal Discovery
  2. Career Planning
  3. Periodic goal and plan Review

Agile Career Management makes use of structured planning, but it is augmented with following:

  1. (short-term) Goals Identification
  2. Goal-directed career choices
  3. Reduce cost of career trials
  4. Workplace effectiveness

We will focus on these topics in the webinar.

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