Coaching – Career Kickstarter

Next session for this package is on July 27, 2-3:30 pm. Purchase this package here.

This package includes following services:

  1. Career Kickstarter Coaching Session Webinar
  2. 1-hour 1-1 session (Skype or phone) on troubleshooting your specific career issues
  3. 1-hour 1-1 session (Skype or phone) on discussing and recommending solutions
  4. Email and Skype support as you implement these recommendations and need tweaks for 6 months
  5. Help you create a personal branding and positioning statement

“I feel my career is going nowhere and my peers are growing fast.”
This is not a comment you hear from people many times, but most people have it in their mind.

There are many reasons why someone may feel this way. Here are some reasons we have seen in the past:

  1. Poor Performance Review – Your performance review (and associated raise) hasn’t been great for last few times.
  2. Boring projects – You have been working on projects which doesn’t challenge you enough and you aren’t growing.
  3. Lack of passion – Doing repetitive or boring work has killed your passion for the work or the company
  4. Lack of Goal Clarity – You are not sure what you want to achieve in your career but you know what you are doing is not what you want.

These are usually indicators of career being stuck and not moving in the direction you want it to. Depending on your situation, solutions might be hard and different, here are a couple (we will discuss more in our webinar and 1-1 sessions):

  1. Alignment Issues – Sometimes, organization has clear goals that it wants to accomplish through you, but your personal goals do not align with these goals. This situation can arise slowly and you may not realize this is happening. Review the projects you are working on (and have worked in the past) and see if there are such alignment issues. If so, work with your manager to make sure this is fixed going forward.
  2. Manager Issues – Managers are expected to represent organization to you, and you to organization. As such, they are responsible to mentoring you and help you grow in the organization. If you are not having 1-1s, or your 1-1s are always focused on immediate job issues, it may indicate your manager is not helping you grow in your career. This can be hard to fix, but you should talk to your manager and understand why this is happening.

Next session for this package is on July 20, 2-3:30 pm. Purchase this package here.

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