Coaching – Get a Personal Coach

Next coaching session is on July 27, 4-5:30 pm. Please register for the event here.

Our career plans unfold at workplace, so it is very important to be effective at workplace in order to achieve career success. Effectiveness at workplace is not easy – for example, organizations often want us to do things which may make us efficient (by doing same things again and again) and end up making us less effective (lack of challenges and new learning). There are many other reasons why we become ineffective.

Effective people do some of these things well:

  • Active learning – Seek opportunities to learn and make every experience a learning experience
  • Taking Initiatives – Pick up organization challenges to solve without being asked and delivering results
  • Collaborating – Working well with rest of the organization on a given problem
  • Prioritizing correctly – Work on things that are most important (and not merely most urgent) for the organization and for self
  • Applying sound judgment –They make decisions at the right time, in the right way, for the right reasons.

Most importantly, learning is the center of the activities most effective people do. To learn being effective, it is important to understand what effectiveness really means. Effective is a very commonly used word, and is often mixed with being efficient, and sometimes with the idea of being right or wrong. In the context of organization, here is what these terms mean:

  • Being Effective: Producing results aligned with organizational and personal goals with minimal investment of resources
  • Being Efficient: Minimize the wastage of resources in accomplishing a task
  • Being Right: Presenting the ‘correct’ point of view even in the face of opposition and hostility

This package will offer you a webinar to make you effective at workplace and offer you personal coaching services for 1-3 months.

Next coaching session is on July 20, 4-5:30 pm. Please register for the event here.

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