Career Planning Resources

This page lists down some of the links I or readers like you have found useful. Let me know if you have suggestions on improving this page, or have recommendations about links here.


Book Recommendations

  • First, Break all the rules and Now, Discover your strengths: Two great books by  Marcus Buckingham. These are primarily for managers but people this is a great resource for yourself too. I particularly like the strengthsfinder test and its applicability. Main theme of both of these books is that success of an employee (and the manager and the organization) lies in aligning employee strengths to jobs that capitalize on those strengths.
  • Working Identity – Interesting take on career changes and how to get to what you really want to do in your career.
  • Cult of Personality – This book argues that all personality tests are useless bunch of crap misleading everyone. I don’t subscribe to all of these thoughts, but this is an interesting perspective if you believe in personality tests.

Recommended Links

Career Management Tools

Articles on job interviews
Rejected in Job interview?

Misc. Interesting stuff
Mark Andreesen on Career Planning

Take a career test and then see recommended job descriptions

Some India-specific sites

Career Campus

I reviewed many of the sites listed below, see my post on the review results which were not very encouraging.

Counseling/guidance Services

Career Information Aggregators,

Job Site Adjuncts

Monster/Jobsahead –,

Naukri – ,

Times Jobs –

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