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CareerBloom offers high-quality career coaching to working professionals. We strongly believe that career coaching shouldn’t be available to C-level executives only. If you have been working for 5 or more years and want to achieve your full talent potential as you march towards your goals, we can coach you and help you achieve the career success you aspire for.

There are 4 areas where career coaching helps:

  1. Discovering Self – You need to know where you are and what you can do in order to create a career blueprint most suited to you. This requires discovering your strengths, weaknesses, interests and passion.
  2. Discovering Goals – You need to know where you want to be, otherwise no career path can take you there. This includes discovering your long term and short term goals that you are passionate about.
  3. Creating Career Path – A career path is a series of career milestones and mini-goals that keep you on track to reach your career goals. A career path depends on your goals and your knowledge of self.
  4. Traversing Career Path Effectively – Once the path is identified, career management is about executing on a plan to traverse this path, and do it in the most effective manner so that you reach goals quickly.
In terms of actual coaching model, above areas translate into five phases of career coaching that we iterate on with a client. A client can start from the first phase (goal discovery) and go through the entire iteration, or they can pick a particular phase to focus on. Most client engagements will start with a Career Review Session. Outcome of the session will be a list of areas to work on. Clients choose their focus area and measure of success, and the engagment starts. Typical activities in an engagement includes face to face sessions, some assessments and their feedback, and some writing activities.
Following is a brief illustration of five phases we use:
  1. Self Discovery – We focus on discovering your strengths, weaknesses, interests and passion here, this is part of ‘discovering self’.
  2. Goal Discovery – We focus on identify your short term and long terms goals. We also help you create your measures of career success (money, promotion, learning, role richnness, job complexity, etc.).
  3. Career Planning – We focus on creating career milestones and mini-goals, as well as project plan to reach these goals and milestones.
  4. Work Effectiveness – Workplace is where your career plans unfold and career milestones met. We help you identify, analyze and resolve workplace issues and keep you most efficient and effective as you march towards your goals.
  5. Career Review – We help you review all the aspects of career plan, goals, self, and work effectiveness and identify changes required. In rapidly changing world of today, this review helps you adapt and stay on track for career success.
To learn more about us, you can browse through our FAQ, review our online or offline services, or just contact us.

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