Schedule Appointments

Career coaching is best delivered via face to face. Use this page to schedule appointment for face to face meeting. Following services require an appointment, which can be scheduled from this page (all these are face to face sessions at our office unless otherwise mentioned):

Free Career Diagnostic

This is a 1 hour session designed to do a career review and identify any weak points which might impact current and future career growth. This can be availed only once. This session is also done on phone, please mention in the appointment form below if you need a phone session.

Job Change session

This consists of 3 1-hour sessions. Our Job change service focuses on identifying right companies to target, help create a targeted and compelling resume, preparation for interviews, and help in selecting right offer should you get multiple offers. We believe that a job change is not only about salary and role, it is about finding the right fit in an organization which helps you further your career along the path of your career plan.

Career Growth Review session

This consists of 2-hour session. It is extremely important to review your career growth once in a while so that appropriate tweaks can be made in career plan. This review can be done mostly on your own, but sometimes it helps to get the advice of a career coach who can help review career growth measurement metrics, goals, career milestones and recommend changes if any.

Workplace Issue Analysis and Resolution

Some of the career issues can be resolved through our free ‘ask a career question’ service online. However, not all issues can be resolved that way. Career issues at workplace can severely impact the career growth, so they must be resolved at the earliest. This is a 90-minute session designed to dig deep into a career issue and come up with recommendations to resolve it.

Self and Goal Discovery session

This 2-hour session is intended to help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, interests and passion, as well as your short term and long term career goals. This session is needed if you have trouble deciding what is right for you from career perspective and you would like to have clarity in your goals and in your self-awareness. This session can be done either as 2 1-hour sessions or a single 2 hour session.

Career planning and milestone creation session

This 2-hour session is intended to help you create a career plan given your goals, and also create a set of intermediate milestones to keep you heading in the right direction. A career plan is very important to set and maintain the career direction. This session can be done either as 2 1-hour sessions or a single 2 hour session.

Please note that appointments should be canceled 48 hours in advance. For paid sessions, you will be asked to pay at the meeting location, using cheque or cash.

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