Resume Feedback

Strict confidentiality is maintained about your resume and our review comments. These are visible only to you and your assigned career expert.

If you are planning to change the job, a great resume opens many doors. In this age, where it is so easy to submit a resume to hundreds of positions, and where resume screening is becoming automated, it is important to create targeted resume which highlights right strengths and experiences from your career, so that you get called for multiple interesting interviews. To help you create a compelling resume, we offer resume review services. Note that we don’t write it for you. We strongly believe that resumes should always be written by the candidates (incorporating review comments from others); this is a great way to prepare for interviews.

While resume formats and structures vary, here is the kind of information expected in a resume. Idea of concentric circles is two-fold:

  • Outer ring contains the inner – Details in an outer ring should support what is in inner one. So for example, your objective should be supported by your summary – if objective says “want a product manager role’, and summary suggests “great team manager in a services company”, it doesn’t support your objective.
  • Outer ring is bigger than the inner – details presented for the item in outer ring is usually larger than what is in inner one. So objective could be 1 liner, summary could be 3, and experience could be 20.
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