Software applications/tools for job seekers?

Recently I bumped onto this post from Sanjoy about a career management cum social networking company idea. It is a “career management application that combines social networking, resume management and ongoing skill development”. It is interesting because it looks at this industry from the consumer’s perspective, the individual who is looking for a job. Similar thoughts has led to creation of JibberJobber. Here is how one blog describes it:  “JibberJobber is a set of tools that anyone with an interest in managing their own career should embrace.

Of course, there are the business networking tools like LinkedIn which are evolving to be more helpful to job seekers even though they cater to general business networking area (how good your network can be if it can’t get you a good job?).

However, there aren’t really good tools out there which can help a job-seeker: what they need is on the lines of resume/job management system! Anyone interested in building one, or knows something existing?

2 thoughts on “Software applications/tools for job seekers?

  1. Hi Mrityunjay,
    Me and my friends are in the process of developing a tool for jobseekers as well as for the comapnies/consultants. Probably we will be launching it next month…….please let me know if you are interested in knowing more about our product.

  2. Sure Brij. Post your URL/details here or drop me a note at futuresense dot wp at gmail dot com. It will be good to know about your product.

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