Some useful videos from BNet on good management

 I got these in my regular newsletter from BNet (, they are short 2-3 minutes video (with advertisement at the beginning!) which talk about the topic. They are very good, lunch-time review material.

Six Skills Effective Managers Must Master

Give Your Employees Smart Goals
Explain to your employees in smart language what needs to get done — they’re not going to figure it out on their own.

The Art of the Apology
Admitting your mistakes is crucial to becoming a trustworthy manager. Here’s how to do it gracefully.

Establish More Authority
Express confidence and expertise by using more effective eye contact.

Bring Out the Best in Your Staff
Focusing on what employees do wrong gives the biggest bang for your buck, right? Wrong. The key to keeping your teams productive is easing up on their weaknesses and highlighting their strengths.

Give Productive Praise
Motivate staff and boost the bottom line by giving recognition where it’s due.

The Importance of Being Approachable
Do your employees think you’re standoffish? How can you tell? Here’s what to do.

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