Completed a month working in Shanghai!

I completed a month working now, and it has been a good experience so far. Working in a country where native language is not the language you know is interesting, for techies (and everyone else I guess) have a tendency to break into passionate discussions in their mother tongue once in a while, and I have to watch and read the emotions sans language to understand what is being said. But my Chinese lessons are progressing and I hope to be able to understand more in due course of time. At office, it is interesting to observer that issues in building a group in China are very similar to doing the same in India (something I was part of); this shows clearly that culture is a much bigger part of the problem (and solution) in any such endeavor, rather than process and people. More on this topic later.

I have been spending some time in looking through various career guidance/counseling/management sites that have come up in India in recent times. I was hoping to find some good career management sites that I could recommend on this blog, but my search continues. Given that I did spend time looking through them and comparing them, I thought maybe it will be useful to share those comments with you. I will do that in some subsequent posts. Let me know if there are specific sites you have in mind. I will post a list of sites in a day or two which I plan to review.

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