List of career counseling/information sites for review

As I mentioned in my previous post, I plan to review some of the web sites/companies that offer services in the general area of career counseling/guidance/management. Here is the list that I have come up with. Here is how I picked these sites:

  1. Listed some of the web sites that I heard about via TV channels or friends
  2. Did Google search and Live Search on “career management india”, “career counseling India”, and “career guidance india”, and looked at sites listed in top 2-3 pages. I picked the sites which looked useful as well as those which seemed to be used by people (testimonies, client names, etc).

 I have categorized them in 3 buckets:

  1. Counseling/guidance services – These are the sites which offer career counseling and guidance. They typically include training, psychometric tests, some articles, etc.
  2. Career Information Aggregators – These are the sites which have a large list of courses and universities and other study opportunities. They typically have a subsection about career counseling etc, but their main focus is information aggregation.
  3. Job site adjuncts – These are the career center sub-sites of major job sites.

 Sites are listed in alphabetical order within each category. Some sites span categories but I have tried to categorize them based on major use of the site. If you would like to recommend a site, please send me a note or post your comment.


Counseling/guidance Services

Career Information Aggregators,

Job Site Adjuncts

Monster/Jobsahead –,

Naukri – ,

Times Jobs –

19 thoughts on “List of career counseling/information sites for review

  1. hey hi…i m ishita…i m really confused regarding my career.
    i m a fresher with (cs)..
    i got placed from campus in wipro…n my wipro joining is 18th october pune…
    rite now i m working in samsung(not even completed 1 month)…i have the profile of a s/w configuration management(scm)…that deals with version release.
    i m not able to decide which company to go for..
    kindly help me

    1. Hi Tanisha,
      In general, having a degree in strategy and marketing is a great asset. You can join marketing division of a company and after a few years in frontline sales and marketing (to understand your domain well), you can move into strategic marketing which is a key area for any company.
      However, employability after any management degree depends on a lot of factors: what is your background (undergrad degree if you are a fresher, prior work experience otherwise), what have you learned in the course (quality of projects done, papers published, industry exposure during the course, etc.), and overall job search readiness (how is your resume, how much practice you have for job interviews, what kind of companies you are targeting to interview for, what are your skills and strengths and how are they applicable to the job you are interviewing for).
      Drop me a mail ( with more details about yourself on the above points and I may be able to help more.

    1. I think both HR and Marketing are good MBA specializations. Some colleges have better faculty/focus on one, vs. the other, so you should research the college you are planning to join and see what is their competency. From a job profile perspective, MBA in HR will offer you roles within organizations which are focused on internal operations (payroll, hiring, performance management, etc.) and hence your customers are internal employees most of the time. However, Marketing MBA offers you roles that are external facing – customer, market and industry. You have to deal mostly with people outside your organization and your success mostly depends on how well you communicate (speak, write, listen) and how creative you are. In many cases, marketing MBA end up being salesperson in which case this is 100% travel and outward-facing role.
      Pick a specialization that suits what you will be good at, and what you would like to do.

  2. Hello Sir,

    I am planning to open a website which can provide as a portal of information for people planning to take up a career or even a part time thing in a diverse field. For example, suppose a person has done his bachelor in arts and then an MBA, but wants to enter the corporate world related to the arts field. I believe such kind of information is not readily available. So, can you please tell me whether this is a good idea and also is there any other website that does the same ?

    I checked out the sites listed by you but they tell you about the field and what course you should choose to get into that field. But, are there any websites that will tell me how can I pursue my passion for journalism (for example) after doing a masters in engineering ?

    Eagerly awaiting your reply

    1. Hi Priyank,

      You have an interesting thought: offering a portal to help someone change career direction to suit one’s passion and interests is a very good idea. I am not aware of any such portal, though many job sites (see YourNextLeap for example) claims to align you to your interests. In addition, career counsellors like meracareerguide and careerguidanceindia offer advice on how to do these kind of changes. So such a portal should probably list these kind of career changes that are possible, career advisors or mentors who can help guide you in such a transition, and maybe present a few success stories about how this has been done by people in the past.
      Good luck with your initiative!


  3. i m completed my 12th and i want to take admission in engineering college can any one sugest me good college for engineering

  4. sir i have completed my 12th this year and secured only 62% and i have’nt qualified for neet-ug am very dissapointed by my result as i din’t expected my result to be so low.
    am just very confused i am thinking to drop a year and take coaching for entrance exam+thinking to give improvement exam in board as i got very less %
    i want to do this for me and because being a doctor is my dream i wish to crack aiims and top the exam i want to make my parents proud i decided i wont look back as to what happend and give it afresh start..!!
    do advice me as am i doing right???
    waiting for the response…..

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this blog. The decision you are making (of dropping a year and preparing afresh) can’t be called right or wrong – you make it right by indeed putting your 100% into it and make it count, or you make it wrong by not giving your 100% or not making the best use of it. Also, even when you give your 100% and do your best, no one can guarantee an outcome in a competitive examination since it depends on what others do, which you don’t control. Therefore it is important to remember this quote from legendary coach John Wooden about definition of success: Success is the peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you are capable.
      While being doctor is a good dream to have, it is also important to reflect on things you are most passionate about, most interested in doing, most capable of doing, and see if it matches your goal (in this case, of being a doctor). Our biggest successes in life and career come when we align our passion, interest and capabilities with our learning and our career. There are many options out there, and when you explore them, you may find that you see some that really make you excited. Seeing a successful doctor, who cures the patients and the patients think the doctor is god, may seem enticing, but it is a hard road to reach that state. I know of many doctors who pursued MBBS (which is a long and tiring education), and then moved into totally different path like doing MBA, becoming IAS officers, get into marketing, etc. So you should also make sure that your dream is a feasible one for you and you will stay passionate about it for the 10-12 years it takes to reach a state where you can earn decent name and money.
      Most importantly, as you mentioned, do it for yourself and only if you believe this is the best use of your 1 year. Remember that next 5-10 years are the formative years for a career and what you choose to do (or not do) with that time has a lot of impact on what you end up doing for life.

      1. thankyou so much sir for your concern!
        i assure this to myself that the decision that i make today does’nt affect the upcoming years and i believe hard work patience and confidence will work this coming year for me i will surely hold to this for an year and as you said many people doing mbbs move to other fields maybe because its not their dream that they are fulfilling.
        i was’nt ready for this but now when i actually felt the failure i firmly believe i want to do this atleast for my own sake!!
        there’s nothing bigger than one’s own will power and now i can say i have it with a positive attitude and facing the hard turns of this life afterall at the end what i will be left with will be Dr.Rasna that will be the true satisfaction of my life !!!
        i will definitely keep your words in my mind thanks alot sir!!!!

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