Career Astrology or Career Management?

Recently I came across ‘Career Astrology’ section of MonsterIndia, the leading job portal in India. Some site indeed! If you are willing to shell out Rs. 500-1000, it will tell you how your stars can predict good time for changing your job, or things which are likely to go wrong in your career.Here is the description of one such service from Monster:

Career SWOT Analysis is an unique service that harnesses the power of Vedic Astrology to show you the path to success in your career or profession.

The Report, written by a group of renowned Astrologers includes the following:

  1. Your personality and your attitude towards work (karma);
  2. Your strengths in detail and a strategy to utilize the same;
  3. Your areas of weaknesses and simple ways to surmount them;
  4. Opportunities in the next 12 months that you are most likely to encounter, with tips on how to make the best of them;
  5. Threats that you are currently facing and are most likely to face in the next 12 months and strategies to overcome them;
  6. Auspicious times during the next 12 months to make the big career move you have been waiting for;
  7. Counseling Tips and Vedic Remedies to help you achieve great success with limited effort.

This is so ridiculous, hoping that stars (and astrologers) can predict a career move and recommend changes!

However, then I set out to search for other, more sane, sources of career advice for working professionals in India, and I was equally surprised to see that I couldn’t find even a single source of traditional career advisors (counselors, coaches, ) which could help someone. No wonder people turn to astrology!

This site is an attempt to create a place where Indian working professionals can discuss some of the career issues, share tips and advices around career growth. I am constantly on the lookout for good career guidance resources for India and I will try to post them here as I find them (with my opinions about them of course!). I will also share my own experience at managing my own career and those of others which may prove to be useful for at least some folks out there.

Stay tuned!

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