Knowing yourself

This Wall Street Journal Article talks about knowing yourself via self-assessment tests before changing your career. This is important, because many assessment tests point to your profile in terms of your interests, personality, strengths, etc. There are a large number of such tests available online and offline, a quick google query brings up about 300K results. However, some of them are pretty expensive. Here are a some that the article recommends:

  1. Coach Compass Assessment :
  2. CareerLink Inventory:(
  3. O*NET(
  4. Rutgers University (

As you will notice if you choose to go to these sites, some are very vague while others are specific to US environment.

While going for these tests is useful, it is important to pick ones that fit your need, and that is a very hard thing to do. So the problem still remains: how do we know ourself to be able to change our career (or do well in the current one)? You can try reviewing some of my posts on my other blog for some ideas. What has worked for you?

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